The best Chillbet bonuses: types and features of offers

Fans of Chillbet sports betting regularly receive gifts. The administration offers bonuses for creating an account and several exclusive promotions that other bookmakers do not have.

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  1. ⚡ Wheel of Fortune: how to win money on betting 
  2. 🎁 Chillbet promo codes and coupons 
  3. ⭕ Telegram Channel Bonuses 
  4. 🔔 What can you find in the VKontakte community? 
  5. 🍒 What bonuses can Chillbet offer in the future?


Wheel of Fortune: how to win money on betting 

Chill Bet Betting Club offers bonuses in various ways. Users can open the welcome package or get acquainted with the weekly promotions. By registering, players can get free money for betting. The operator does not refuse any deposit promotions. 

To get access to the bonus program, you must first visit a special section. Players can access the bonus section from the side menu. Here the player will see an advertising tab. On this page, you can view all the current prize offers. 

There is a wheel of fortune in the title of the page. This is a prize event and a kind of welcome bonus available to every new player: 

  • The wheel of fortune works like a lottery. Each user has the right to at least one spin. 
  • Real money is offered as a reward. The final win depends only on luck and a random number generator. Each sector has its number. This is the amount of monetary remuneration. 
  • You can’t just spin the wheel. The client of the Chillbet bookmaker must have a game pass or coupon. Such coupons are issued only to those who top up their account with real money. Each deposit brings one ticket to the player’s piggy bank. The club’s cashier supports several payment methods. 
  • The visitor can immediately use the coupon and win money or collect several tickets to get the maximum bonus. The more spins a player makes in one session, the more likely it is that he will get into the winning sector. 

Money from the Wheel of Fortune cannot be withdrawn to cards or electronic wallets. These funds are linked to the bonus balance. Club visitors can use them for sports betting without making bets. 

Using this draw on the first deposit is very profitable. The club’s visitors are covered by warranty insurance. Immediately after making a deposit, you can reserve additional money and put it into your bonus wallet. As soon as the first deposit is repaid, the visitor cannot stop the game session but can continue it already with bonus credits. 

Coupon Type Description 
🎁 Coupons for free bets Up to 1000 credits for new users 
🎁 Free Coupons Use promo code to get coupons at registration 
🎁 Vouchers Promotions for major sporting events including football, motorsport and hockey world championships 
🎁 Personalised Bonus Personalised gifts for players who have shown their activity 

How to get a newbie bonus at Chillbet?

  1. Register on the casino site. 
  2. Make your first deposit of any amount. 
  3. Get a welcome voucher. 
  4. Open the «Promo» section. 
  5. Start the Wheel of Fortune using the coupon. 
  6. Get a random bonus.


Chillbet promo codes and coupons 

The next way to get bonuses from the Chillbet betting company includes promo codes. They can be found within a few seconds. Coupons are mainly used by the club administrator to distribute free bets. This is a different type of free bet. The user does not necessarily spend his money, but still fights for a real win. 

Promo codes are activated in the «Promo» section. There is a special tab in the lower left corner. Visitors to the bookmaker must copy the combination of symbols and paste it into this block. Immediately after that, the bonus balance will be updated. However, the user has to check a few additional conditions: 

Each promo code has certain restrictions. Some coupons provide a limited number of activations. Therefore, Chillbet recommends downloading the app and activating Push notifications. The user cannot miss profitable promotions and be among the lucky ones. 

Chill Bet bonuses can be wagered. This can take from a few hours to several weeks. In addition, each promo code has its bid. These conditions will be specified in advance in the description of the promotion. In addition, the user can write to the support chat and ask for further instructions. 

Free bets should also be used following certain rules. For example, a player can get a promo code for 1000, but the funds from this coupon can only be used for bets above a certain multiplier. 

Other types of shares may have restrictions on payments. Simply put, the user cannot withdraw more than the specified amount from the payment. But in any case, the player will remain with a good profit if the forecast turns out to be successful. 

Promo codes are distributed in various ways. These include Telegram channels, VKontakte communities, the official website, and chat. We should not forget about personal advancement. The bookmaker’s loyalty program is based on bonus codes. 

A player who has worked at the club for several weeks has a better chance of winning than a newcomer. During this time, the user will accumulate a good rating and can significantly promote the account to the VIP profile. The main advantage of the Premium account is the huge number of weekly promo codes with gifts. 


Telegram Channel Bonuses 

The Telegram platform is used by many operators of online casinos and bookmakers. Chillbet decided not to experiment and not to break away from the general trend. The operator immediately opened the registration channel to inform users of the following: 

  • Which bonuses are active at the moment? Usually, the free bet promo codes are part of the permanent promotions. However, sometimes the administration uses gift coupons for deposits. This can be either a 50 percent or a 100 percent increase. In addition, you can take part in the discussion of promotional materials and get advice from experienced bettors. 
  • What bonuses will be available in the future? Current promotional activities fall into this category. The Chillbet operator is working on the sports line to the fullest. This is also expressed in the fact that the user receives exclusive gifts on the eve of important championships and landmark matches. An example of this is the popular basketball competitions. For these matches, players receive several gifts. 
  • Which tournaments will be launched by the operator? At the moment there are no tournaments in Chillbet. However, the management has already announced that several thematic tournaments are waiting for visitors shortly. Tournaments are a great opportunity to compete for the jackpot for free. 

New Chillbet customers should pay attention to the official website. New chillbet customers should pay attention to the registration and login form in the upper right corner. The right side of the Chillbet website is not just the right side of the screen. The developers have created a special chat form. This is not a barrier through which you can contact the support service. Registered clients communicate here. 

Users can give each other bonuses. This is done with the help of special referral links. Bettors receive gifts both for inviting new customers and for motivating already registered players to make new bets. 

It turns out that a new player can get several bonuses at once in the first 10 minutes: 

  • No deposit gifts on social networks. In addition to the Telegram channel, Chillbet has its VKontakte community, where you can also win a lot of prizes. 
  • One spin of the wheel of fortune. This already promises a win of up to 4200 inr. 
  • Promo codes for free bets. Such Chillbet is provided solely for reference. Moreover, the user can receive several coupons for free bets on one account. 

Each player can decide which part of the bonus he wants to spend on the first day. However, the operator recommends not rushing. It’s not easy to win back a few bonuses in a limited time. 


What can you find in the VKontakte community? 

The organizers will publish information about the project mainly in the VKontakte community. This social community develops thanks to contacts that occur almost daily. The operator informs about the news on the website and shows examples of winnings in sports betting and slot mode. 

By the way, when it comes to Chillbet Casino offers, promo codes also appear. These are coupons that allow players to get free spins on slot machines. The number of free spins can reach record values. With some coupons, the player can get more than 200 fs. 


What bonuses can Chillbet offer in the future? 

It is worth getting acquainted with the main prize offers of other clubs. First of all, players can count on Cashback. Cashback can be received on Mondays and Fridays, as well as through the loyalty program. The club must have its currency, which can be exchanged for real money. 

The administration pays special attention to thematic tournaments for sports betting enthusiasts. Users can participate in contests and receive almost weekly bonuses for successful bets. 

Making a reliable forecast for sports events in Chillbet is not so difficult. The administration offers a wide range of statistics for each event. It is also worth noting that the coverage of football matches can reach up to 500 results.

What bonuses are there at Chillbet Casino?
The main bonus programme at Chillbet Casino is the Wheel of Fortune. To activate it, the player needs to use a voucher, which is provided for betting on the site. You can also get the bonus by promo code and referral system.
How to use the bonus?
The rules for using the bonus depend on the specific promotion. Before you start playing, it is worth clarifying the wagering conditions: available slots, wager, bet size and so on.
How many times can I use the bonus?
Each bonus at the casino can be used only once.
Is it possible to get several bonuses at once?
It is recommended to get bonuses consecutively so that the gift does not burn out. As soon as you win back one prize, you can activate the next available bonus.