Chillbet Betting Club: a new look at sports betting

Chillbet Gaming Club is under the close attention of experienced bookmakers. A newcomer to the market managed to get off to a good start and immediately break into the top of the rating. It is likely that in the future this project will become a profitable discovery for every bettor.

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  1. ⚡ Five facts about the Chillbet bookmaker 
  2. 💵 Register and make your first deposit 
  3. 📝 Sports betting and other gambling 
  4. 🎁 Two bonuses for new customers


Five facts about the Chillbet bookmaker 

Chillbet betting Company is one of the promising new enterprises. The club was founded by a group of professionals. They are employees of other betting clubs and online casinos that have achieved worldwide recognition. 

The Chillbet platform is different from others. This is expressed as follows: 

  • Bettors are offered a universal platform with a variety of gambling entertainment. The user can switch between the betting mode and the casino with one click. The operator offers customers original games and a wide selection of slots. 
  • Chill Bet’s official website has its organized community. The title of the main page leads you to a chat where both registered customers and random guests communicate. The constant exchange of information helps in obtaining bonuses from referral links, as well as gambling tips. 
  • The operator of the bookmaker prefers to take a minimum margin. That is why Chillbet publishes the highest odds among other online clubs. In addition, do not forget about the bonus system, which includes regular promotions. 
  • The organizers have prepared a separate application form. Anyone can download Chillbet to their smartphone. In addition, the same version of the software is also suitable for tablets. 
  • The main advantage of the bookmaker is its official license. The Chillbet platform is registered by the Curacao Regulatory Authority. Every bettor has the right to a quick and fair withdrawal of funds. 

The club’s website is minimalistic and clear. A high level of optimization is felt from the first minutes. The user needs only 1 second to switch between sections and open the desired sports line. 

💣 ChillBet Description 
⏱ Date of creation 2020  
💶 Minimum deposit   5 USD 
💰 Supported currency BTC, ETH, etc. 
🔶 Deposit speed instantly 
🎁 Bonus for registration up to 50 USD 

How to bet on sports at Chilbet? 

  1. Go to the bookmaker’s working mirror. 
  2. Register and log in to your personal account. 
  3. Make a deposit using a convenient payment method. 
  4. Open the line of sporting events. 
  5. Add the expected outcome to the coupon. 
  6. Fill in the application form and confirm the bet.


Register and make your first deposit 

Profile registration begins with choosing the method of creating an account. Users can join Chill Bet via social media or by email. Otherwise, when registering, visitors are asked to choose an alias. This unique name will become your permanent username. 

The registration window, which can be opened in the upper right corner of the home page, contains several fields. Visitors enter their email addresses, create a password and read the terms of use. In this respect, Chillbet is no different from other bookmakers. Players are not allowed to create more than one profile, and each client must go through the authentication procedure. To confirm the age of the bettor, an identity document is required. 

To get access to the checkout, the visitor must look at the title on the main page. There is a button next to the avatar of the personal account, by clicking on which you can go to the financial section. The user can make deposits, withdraw funds or view the transaction history. Chillbet supports Visa and MasterCard debit cards, and in the future, it will be ready to work with electronic wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges. 


Sports betting and other gambling 

The range of sports events is constantly expanding. The administration offers bets on more than 25 sports. Football, basketball, and hockey are at the top of the list. Chillbet offers many alternative destinations. These include motorsport, table tennis, esports, and the second category of board games. 

The main focus is on distribution. In football, for example, various events are held, ranging from football to amateur leagues in third-world countries. Chillbet covers not only the European and North American markets. Players can register a bet for tournaments in South America, Australia, and Asia. 

The number of event outcomes can exceed 500. Visitors will be able to sort the market by individual characteristics. Coupon registration involves opening a bid in the sidebar. This allows the user to monitor the progress of the match, track changes in quotes in other markets and at the same time receive information about active bets. 

An alternative representation includes bumper games, lottery simulators, and slot machines. The slots showcase features more than 200 games from leading licensed manufacturers. 


Two bonuses for new customers 

As soon as the player deposits the first money, the promo section opens access to the wheel of fortune. Prize sectors with money are placed on this scoreboard. The bettor does not lose. In any case, certain prizes will be drawn in the lottery. 

The next promotion is for promo codes. Incentive coupons are activated through the bonuses section. Bettors can find reward codes on a special Telegram channel and in the official community of the VKontakte gambling club. 

Promo codes can be paid or free. The coupon includes virtual money for betting. Active Chill Bet customers also receive personal gifts.

How do I start playing at Chillbet Casino?
To play at Chillbet for money, register and make a deposit. With an existing deposit, you can join any entertainment and start betting with the possibility of withdrawing your winnings.
What games are available at the casino?
The Chillbet site offers the most popular entertainment formats: slot machines, crash games, and games with live dealers. You can also find exclusive games with non-standard functionality at the casino.
What is the minimum bet?
The minimum bet depends on the game you choose. Contributions can start with completely small amounts.
What bonuses does the casino have?
The main offer of the casino is the Wheel of Fortune. The user can earn vouchers, use them to start the Wheel and receive random bonuses in the form of real money.