Log in to Chillbet: how to log in to your account?

The new Chillbet bookmaker platform works without time limits. The user can log into his account from any device and go directly to the cashier section.

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  1. ⚡ What ways of logging in does the operator offer? 
  2. ✅ Where to find the Chillbet login form 
  3. 📝 What to pay attention to in the login area 
  4. ⭕ How to log in via social networks 
  5. 🎁 Three great bonuses after logging into your account 
  6. 🔔 Tips for new Chillbet customers 
  7. 🍒 What should I do after logging into Chillbet for the first time? 
  8. 💡 What problems can arise with the authorization process?


What ways of logging in does the operator offer? 

There are two ways to find an entry about Chill Bet. The user can download the official client software even before registration. The mobile application is no different from the official website. However, the program is protected from pop-ups, hacker attacks, and scammers, and is also well-optimized. There are two login options on the main page of the website and in the application. 

The user can enter an email. The email address is provided during registration. The user can log in using their email address. Otherwise, the same information on the personal account will become a pseudonym. 

The bettor can enter his exclusive name. The questionnaire must be filled out immediately after registration in the personal locker. In one column, the operator asks the client to guess the name of the game. The client of the online club can choose any suitable «nickname». In the future, the player’s username will be a nickname. 

To complete the authorization procedure, please enter your password. Otherwise, this information can be changed without restrictions. The administration itself encourages you to regularly update the combination of alias and password characters. This will help you to protect yourself as much as possible from spyware that steals confidential user data. 

⚡ ChillBet  Terms and Conditions 
💶 Minimum deposit to account 5 USD 
💵 Minimum withdrawal 5 USD 
💰 Supported currency USD, EUR, RUB, etc. 
🎁 Welcome bonus up to $50 for new players 

How do I log in to my Chillbet account? 

  1. Click on the «Login» button at the top of the site. 
  2. Enter your login — nickname or email. 
  3. Enter the current password from the profile. 
  4. Confirm authorisation.


Where to find the Chillbet login form 

Both in the mobile version and on the official website, the login button is located in the upper right corner. Next to it, the user will see a registration block, language interface settings, and a link to the chat. 

Chill Bet management implements an interesting solution. On the main page, there is a special form for guests to communicate with each other. This makes the bookmaker’s website a kind of social network where you can exchange experiences, and forecasts and get useful information about bonuses. 

Everyone should look into this discussion room. The fact is that the Schillbit bonus system is based on special coupons. Through the chat, you can get a promo code for the first deposit from other users who receive gifts by inviting other customers. Immediately after logging in, the player can go to the promo section and activate a free bet coupon, the cost of which can exceed 1000 credits in the selected currency. 


What to pay attention to in the login area 

The login form opens in the middle of the home page. The player will be asked to register or log in with their details. Beginners should pay attention to the fact that it is impossible to register a duplicate profile. 

If the management discovers that the player has several accounts at the same time, the staff of the gambling establishment will close all accounts and will not allow the funds credited to them to be withdrawn. This violates the rules of fair, fair, and responsible play and puts other bettors at a disadvantage. 

Just below is a link to reset your password. You can change your Chill Bet credentials as much as you want. Everyone can make a mistake, forget their password or lose it because of scammers. 


How to log in via social networks 

The player does not need to enter a username and password every time he logs into his account. This is, to put it mildly, inconvenient. It is not always possible to enter the email address and password correctly even on the third attempt using a browser and a mobile phone. 

Gambling operators understand this. Therefore, after registration, users are offered the opportunity to connect social networks to their accounts. Today Chillbet supports many platforms: 

  • Vkontakte. Both English-speaking and foreign players can take advantage of this popular social network. By the way, it is likely that in the future Chill Bet will have not only an official community but also a fan group through which promo codes for free bets will be distributed weekly. 
  • Google. Authorization through a Google account provides maximum profile protection. As a rule, such accounts are not hacked, and the user does not need to worry about password security. 
  • Today, more and more bookmakers are paying attention to this project. Chillbet, among others, offers the opportunity to connect a Steam account and comfortably play for money. 

You can connect a profile with just two mouse clicks. The user must select a social network, go to the project platform and allow access to the page information. To log in, click on the VKontakte, Google, or Steam logo. 

Beginners don’t have to worry. Licensed betting clubs do not have the right to use customer data for marketing purposes. Spam or gambling-related messages will not be sent from the user’s page to friends and acquaintances. 


Three great bonuses after logging into your account 

Professional bettors do not recommend immediately going to the cashier section with payment systems after the first login. A lot of information can be found on the Chillbet website. This includes special prize features. This allows bettors to gain an advantage and win a big jackpot in sports betting even with a small deposit. 

The prize system on the official Chillbet website is not too extensive yet. It is necessary to understand that Chillbet is a newcomer to the market, which is actively developing. To attract new players, the management regularly publishes promo codes and comes up with new types of promotions. 

The bettor will be interested in several offers in the bonuses section: 

  • Round-the-clock rotating wheel of fortune. An internal lottery will help you win extra money for sports betting. A lottery is held for each ticket. Coupons are issued to players who deposit real money into their accounts. The maximum prize can reach 4200 inr. It is impossible to lose the lottery. 
  • Promotions on the Telegram channel. Chill Bet uses this messenger to spread information about new solutions, gambling, and technical updates. Coupons are published several times a week in Telegram. With these bonus codes, players get free spins and free spins on slot machines. 
  • Gifts for VKontakte subscribers. A lot of promo codes for betting enthusiasts will soon appear on this social network. Currently, he publishes information about the results of lotteries and the testing of new gambling games. Let’s not forget that a virtual casino also operates on the Chillby betting platform. 
  • The number of bonuses that can be offered to new customers in a chill bet is unlimited. As soon as you log into your account, you will receive a referral link. This is a link that you should post on social networks or send to your friends. Players who register using this link and make a deposit will bring additional bonus money to the bettor. 

Information about Chillbet is actively distributed through search engines. The player can spend several minutes searching for deposit bonuses. The new bookmaker may offer a series of free offers to attract attention. 


Tips for new Chillbet customers 

Chillbet belongs to the category of new betting clubs, which means that it is a platform that meets the strictest regulatory requirements. The platform is managed by a regulatory company located in Curacao. The license issued by this organization means that the club operator must verify the age of the majority of each user. 

This check can only be performed in one way. The administration should ask the visitor to present passport details and take a selfie with this document. Verification can take up to three days. It should be understood that the flow of visitors to Chill Bet is currently huge. Therefore, the first thing a player should do in this Chillbet is to pass verification and fill out a personal questionnaire. 

Next, bonuses and parameters of the sports line are considered. The operator offers some interesting details: 

  • Registered sports bets can be insured and sold. Customers can minimize their risks by selling a dubious bid. 
  • In the bonus section, you can spin the wheel of fortune several times and win real money. These funds can be freely withdrawn by the player to a bank card. 
  • Chillbet has an unprecedented loyalty program. This is a system with a classification of accounts. Regular visitors receive privileges in the form of personalized promo codes. 

It would not be superfluous to study the feedback form. On the website and in the Chillbet application, this can be done via chat and email. If necessary, bettors can easily order a callback. 


What should I do after logging into Chillbet for the first time? 

Not all functions of the bookmaker are open on the main page of the official website. The operator stays up to date. Today, clubs without a special mobile application do not even get into the top 100. 

Chillbet developed the software before launching the project. The application is focused on the Android operating system. An iPhone version will be available shortly. Downloading the application does not require updating the operating system. 

The client software is universal. This software can be installed on smartphones and all tablets with a similar operating system. However, the download link will open when you register and log in for the first time. 

The user needs to scroll to the bottom of the page and examine the list of available sections. The last link is called Download the app. After clicking on this link, the user will be shown a notification with an offer to download the apk file. 

In the app, you only need to enter your login details once. Subsequently, the system will automatically redirect the user to the personal locker as soon as the bettor clicks on the icon on the desktop of the smartphone. 

Three special bonuses for your bookmakers.3. Three special bonus offers for your bookmakers. 


What problems can arise with the authorization process? 

Most often, bettors forget their password or enter a false email address. In this case, access is easy to restore. All the player needs to do is contact the support service. In other situations, the account may be blocked. 

The operator prohibits users from playing with two accounts. In this case, the bettor receives multiple welcome bonuses. Therefore, violations of this kind are usually punished by a ban. Honest players are always safe in the bookmaker’s office, which explains the high rating of the gambling establishment.

How do I log in to Chillbet Casino?
A newcomer first needs to register on the site. A current customer can click on the "Login" item in the upper panel, specify login and password, confirm authorisation at Chillbet.
How to log in from the phone?
Authorisation from the phone occurs in an identical way. The user needs to open the login form, enter the login and password from the account, confirm the action.
Why do I need a mirror of the site?
Mirrors are necessary to bypass blocking. The official site can be closed to players, since it operates under a foreign licence. With a mirror you can restore access in one click.
Is it possible to enter the casino from several accounts?
No. Each casino player can only have one account. The user will violate the rules if he creates several accounts at once.